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Use the Internet of Things to
become the world’s No. 1 Smart City.


  • 95%

    of the island covered by a
    low-speed data network

  • 6

    Deployment completed in 6

  • 100

    million devices connected

Singapore wants to become the world’s first Smart City. To achieve that, the authorities are looking to harness the Internet of Things by installing sensors at various points throughout the city state. The objective is to deal with problems in real time as they arise, and to enhance the many aspects of city life.

Singapore is one of the world’s leading digital cities. Mobile coverage is provided by a 3G/4G network, 90% of its homes have access to high-speed internet and 85% of its population possess a smartphone. The city authorities have launched an ambitious Smart Nation Initiative, which involves building a dedicated network for an Internet of Things to provide increased connectivity, knowledge, efficiency and speed of intervention. ENGIE, its technology partner Sigfox and telecommunications operator UnaBiz are supporting the authorities in the project.

Economical, low-energy technology

To deliver IoT services, city officials chose the Sigfox cellular network, which offers wireless communications, low energy consumption and long-distance operations. It allows objects to communicate with each other and with a remote server. Its low-speed, low-frequency radio technology requires only a narrow bandwidth. In line with the city state’s desire for energy efficiency, the network is also economical to use. Access is billed by the operator UnaBiz at a rate of 1 Singaporean dollar (about €0.63) a month and allows companies to send up to 140 messages a day via connected objects.

Singaporean dollar a month

to use the network

Creativity on show

The low-speed network now covers 95% of the island and can handle more than 100 million connected devices. Built in only six months, it offers new opportunities for companies to create applications, systems and solutions for a ‘smart city.’ To encourage the kind of inventions that are destined to transform the city, ENGIE and its partners proposed an innovation challenge for connected objects – and particularly those suitable for use with low-speed data networks. Among the sought-after projects are those focused on energy efficiency in an urban environment, sustainable development, logistics, transport, solutions for the home, and smart cities.

And tomorrow ?

One of ENGIE’s 11 international research centers is based on the island: the ENGIE Lab Singapore, the company’s first such center in South East Asia. The lab has three objectives: the smart management of energy for cities and islands, energy efficiency for industry, and gas-related technologies.

The Engie Today teams for singapore

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